Friday, January 21, 2005

The Weekend.

What I like most about weekends:

Cuddling my hubby.
Having sex.
Waking up without an alarm.
Laughing all day long.
Taking the dog for a long walk.
Trying a new recipe for dinner on Saturday and Sunday.
The relieved feeling of not going to work.
Drinking a couple of beers or cocktails on Friday and Saturday nights.

The thing I like the least about weekends:

Forcing myself to get the chores all done... or not enjoying the time off because I'm stressed about the mess.
Eating too much that feeling guilty about it.
The anxiety that overcomes me on Sunday night when I realize how much I don't want to go to work again.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

The Gym.

I really like the gym. I really really like it. Why have I taken this long, very long hiatus from being a hard-core gym person? I loved the gym… and the more weight I gain the more I realize all those years I worked out hard and thought I was still fat that I actually looked great… and it’s only now that the extra flab is a little, well, hideous. Man. There are so many shitty things you can only learn the hard way. It’s not that I stopped exercising all together. I just stopped the aerobics, which is the activity that really pushes me. I was working out by myself, I’ve ran a bunch of times… the year I got married I ran quite a bit… well, quite a bit for someone who had become quite sedentary. Plus all the other stuff we do that keeps us fairly fit… but still below average.

I can tell you how I let things slip. Number 1: I went to University… that was hard, I went from 5 aerobics classes a week to none, school was hard so study time was ALL the time. Number 2: I started working full time… not much of an excuse but for the first couple of years I wanted to go home and stay home in the evenings. THAT IS SO LAME. Number 3: Keeping a house and getting out almost every night is difficult… that is also lame but it has taken time to really master the art of domestication…. I have a clean kitchen every day now… and when something isn’t done I have that my priorities need to be with myself and my body instead of a load of laundry or scrubbing the toilet. I guess the general trend of this seems to be that I know these are stupid excuses.

I now love the way I feel. Love how I feel more confident about my health, strength and endurance. I promised myself I wouldn’t get too excited too early into this resolution… but I started this one early, around the beginning of December. I’m excited. Whoo.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005


It’s January 19, 2005 – time to attack yet another resolution…. starting this Blog. This year I have made quite a list of things in my life to give up, change, make better, etc… I have never had a resolution before; people always say they never keep them so why bother. Well, my life has fallen into a series of bad routines and it is time to get a move on changing some of these things. I have a great life, and those bad habits I had/have well they don’t make me miserable or anything but its just time to grow up a little. So, here they are: THE RESOLUTIONS.

1. Get a new job in 2005
2. Improve Cooking Skills
3. Learn Guitar
4. Use dayplanner regularly
5. Carpool – 2-5 times per week
6. Go to bed early
7. Exercise 3-5 times per week
8. Start a Blog and keep it up to date.

So far so good on all of my resolutions, I am hitting the gym every second day or so, I signed up for a cooking class, on a waiting list for the guitar lessons and have been practicing with a video from the library, bought a daytimer last Saturday, today was the 4 time I’ve carpooled since the 3rd of January and just yesterday I sent out a resume for a job I’d really like to get and finally here I am…. blogging. I figure I’ll use this thing to come back and remind myself of the resolutions.

Until next time.