Friday, March 14, 2008

She's got a little pot

Yesterday Grandma was telling me that Auntie Jane was asking if I hada tummy yet and Grandma responded: "Yes, she's got a little pot."

I had my first obstetrician appointment this week and was shocked to find out that there's a small chance that your own obstetician actually delivers your baby. If I deliver between 9-5pm Monday to Friday then there's a good chance we'll have our own doctor. If I go into labour when our doctor is one of the 6 doctors on call then we'll have our own doctor. Otherwise it turns out that any of the other 5 doctors she works with will deliver the child.

I checked out ok and I heard the heartbeat again. A little funny how the novelty of things wears off so easily. She found the heartbeat and I had a brief moment of relief followed by ok, what's next, can you wipe that goop off me now? Then another day I was chatting with someone at work and fetushead did a few big summersaults but I was too deeply enthralled in conversation to acknowledge it. I ignored my baby to finish my discussion of SHAMROCK SHAKES AND HOW THEY COULD BE IMPROVED WITH THE ADDITION OF CHOCOLATE SYRUP... Well they could.