Monday, July 19, 2010


And overnight Dylan went from baby to big boy.

(The child did not even taste the cake, smashed it only)

I've been trying to dig my heels in and stop it from happening but no matter what, the time just keeps ticking. We are really consciously making the the most of our time with Dylan these days. He's going to change so quickly, soon he won't be mispronouncing words like guck (for truck) and octapuh and he won't be hesitating before saying a word he's unsure of and he definitely won't be so proud of a little thing like saying cat or GO! or cow. So we're sucking it all in, hoping that the memories will become permanent images in our brains before this stage is over and the next one begins.

There are so many things I don't want to forget. Like how he wiggles his skinny little body when he's excited. Like how he knows when the bath is running and he will trot up the stairs and attempt to climb in. Like how his tongue sticks out when he's concentrating.

Like how he carries things around for ages before putting them down again, and it can be anything like last night it was 2 rocks from the beach and he was half way through his bath when he finally let go of them. Like how he sings Old MacDonald has a farm every single day and begins by looking at one of us and yelling E-I-E-I-OH! at the top of his lungs. Like how he loves to run.

Like the feeling of his heavy sleepy body after he falls asleep in the car. Like how he runs into his Daddy's arms and gives kisses when Daddy is leaving. Like how when I get home he immediately starts saying "Bye! Ssseeee ya!" to his Nanny. Like how loves the cats and pats them so gently and then counts 1,2,3, GO! before spinning them around on the office chair. Like how he loves music and dances and head bangs during appropriate head banging songs. Like how he loves to be startled. Like how he loves to be tickled by kisses on the neck. Like how he loves to be outside most of all.

There's something else I don't want to forget and that is just how much I've changed since Dylan came into my life. It's not just that I've learned to live with the lack of sleep and the puking and pooping and smooshed food everywhere. It's something else, I love harder and I laugh harder. I appreciate more and I'm more thankful. I have a completely new patience and tolerance for things. Does anyone remember those early months, well actually it was the whole first year where I fumbled around and had no idea what I was doing. I actually feel like I've become a Mom this year. Maybe not a Supermom but definitely a Mom, now if we could just get Dylan to say it.