Thursday, June 12, 2008


It was a little shocking to read the second part of this line in my weekly email from Babycentre: "There's much less amniotic fluid and much more baby in your uterus, which has expanded to a thousand times its original size. " An organ. Inside my body. 1000X. The freaking crazy part is that it shrinks back down to size. I wish my butt would do that too.

So 36 weeks seem to have passed me by and I feel like screaming SLOW DOWN. Except the part about time off work, that I am looking forward to. This time next week we'll be full term and it will be safe for fetushead to arrive anytime, at which point life as I know it will never be the same. Swelling has started but mostly when it's hot. I'm sure I'm the only one who's happy that it's mighty chilly this week. We are still not very far on the name front. We shared a couple of boys names with the parents and both mothers gasped in horror. I thought that this reaction would be upsetting for me but actually this has brought about a challenge... I look forward to producing this sound again.

Let us now reflect on the previous flatness of my stomach... was taken last May, 13.5 months ago:

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Real, countable days. Till the end.

Ok, on Wednesday we passed the 6 weeks to go mark. There has been definitely shapes that feel like a baby pushing against the already tight skin of my belly. Fetushead mostly lives on the right side of my belly. About a half a dozen times a day it's little back and bum push out so that you can actually feel the shape of the body.

As of now, there are 15 work days left, 38 pregnant days left, 5 weekends left, 10 more thank-you cards to write, 2 pieces of furniture to buy, 10 sheets of drywall to install, 10 pails of drywall putty to slather on the walls, 2 more prenatal classes and 0 Stanley Cup playoff games to watch. But who's counting?

This weekend Grandma, Janice and Allan are at the cottage and I am really envious. I don't think I'll see the cottage this year unless the renovation fairies come and finish our house while we sleep. We made good progress yesterday and for the first time I cut and installed a sheet of drywall by myself. The best news is that I didn't mess up the measurements. A handy person I am not, I have mismeasured or miscut 80% of everything I've "helped" with. I ask a lot of questions often leaving Jay flustered with my lack of logic and my inability to stay in the moment. What colour curtains is really not a great question when we still don't have walls. My greatest contribution to this reno has been the lunch making. Not the dinner making because I'm too tired at night from asking all those questions to make dinner.

Here are a few pictures from the spring so far:

On Friday, June 6. 34 weeks, 3 days.Oh you want belly?
Here you go then...
And then Jay told me to put my shirt back down because the reflection off my white skin was hurting his eyes.
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