Thursday, December 14, 2006

In the spirit yet?

Not really. Decorations? Nope. Christmas shopping? Nope. Wrapping? Nope. Eating? Yes.

Tomorrow is a day off for me. I will be taking Jay to the dental clinic to have his wisdom teeth removed (surgery). Lucky me, mine were simply extracted and I drove myself to and from my usual dental office. Poor JJ has badly impacted teeth. Today I made the mistake of reading the possible side effects of botched wisdom tooth surgery. Now I'll be white knuckling for the hour that he is in surgery. White knuckling while I try get some quality Christmas shopping done. Boy am I sucking at this whole Christmas thing. The thing is I find something that I think is perfect, they will love this! Then after about 3 minutes I start to feel doubt, like they might like it but, oohhh, they might not. This is followed 3 minutes later with I'm just not sure, they might like this, I just don't know, oh this is stressful. This stage may last anywhere from 2-10 minutes and 8 times out of 10 ends in me thinking well, I can just remember that this is here and come back if I don't find anything better. I will then reenact this same scenario at least once more for everyone on my gift giving list.

I don't have set date to start panicking every year but generally it starts about the last weekend before Christmas, which starts tomorrow. This is about as crappy as the feeling I get the weekend before my taxes are due.