Thursday, August 21, 2008

Lactation etiquette

At the breastfeeding clinic one shouldn't refer to them as boobs.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

For Dylan

Baby Dylan,

On Sunday you turned one month old and to celebrate you ate, slept and pooped. When you arrived a month ago your Mama really didn't know what she was getting into. If I wanted to catch up on the amount of sleep I've lost because of you I could go sleep now and wake up on Sunday. I'm pretty sure that sometimes you're messing with me on purpose, I think you hear me tell your father that I'm going to nap during your nap and so you decide to sleep just long enough for me to put you in your bassinet and lie down and then you start up with the kicking, fussing and you usually throw in a poop just to make sure I get up. Sometimes I'm sure you're going to have a short nap and then you have the longest nap of the day so that by the time I think I should just lay down then start to wake up.

We haven't got any routine set up with you, we've been letting you call the shots so far. It seems like everytime we think we can guess what you want or what you like then you go and change things on us. The only thing you seem to do on cue right now is poop. The poop and the fussiness are the things that people with children don't tell the people without children. You poop every time you eat and some times you poop 2 times during eating. All that pooping really increases the odds that you are going to stick your foot in the soiled diaper once I open it up or even worse, continue going as soon as I pull that diaper out from under you. At least Mama wasn't the hero who tried to catch it like your father did, he's still a little upset about that.

You have got the busiest little body when you are awake. It reminds me of your father. He doesn't like to sit still and neither do you. Your little legs and arms are always kicking up and down and up and down. I usually put you to bed in the tightest swaddle I can muster and when I go to you when you wake up you are completely free of any constraining fabric, leaving it thrown to the bottom of your bassinet.
There haven't been a lot of milestones for you to pass this month. My expectation that you could take out the garbage by now might have been a little high. On Sunday I laid you down on the bed so that I could stare at you for a few minutes before you started screaming and you turned your head to my voice. It was a very deliberate turn, you had been looking all the way over to the other direction when I spoke to you and it took a second but your little neck swung that big heavy head of yours around.

Your Dad and I have fallen in love with you in the last short month. You have turned this household upside down but for a few minutes every day it feels like the new normal. I look forward to getting to know you better and experiencing more milestones as big and great as turning your own head.