Saturday, March 31, 2007

Time to post...

I didn't want to see my half marathon post disappear into the long forgotten archives but it is time. Out with the old. Move on to bigger and better things. Onward and Upward. Shit or get off the pot.

During the months of training I kept telling myself not to worry that all the things I was putting off because I had bigger priorities (like, running) would get done after the Half. Since the half I have accomplished a couple of very important things, one being a new record amount of time spent in my lazy boy and another is drinking so far to excess that I nearly puked. Nearly. You see, "nearly" is the difference between being a hard-rocking-cool-chick and the-girl-who-can't-handle-her-booze. I'm still considered the former.

I'm still running a few times per week but for now I'm savouring the 5K and 6K runs. Since my old shoes had accumulated a good 600+ kilometres and I gave myself a black toenail during the Half and the tips of my toes are all calloused, I decided to make the investment into a new pair of runners. Here's my symbolic end to the half marathon training. My old, well used shoes next to my brand spanking new shoes. I'm so glad I'm breaking them in during this season I like to refer to as "Mud".