Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Eviction Notice

Dear Occupant,
The landlord of your current dwelling wishes you to leave the premises. Infractions you have committed are unapproved significant changes to the property and domestic violence such as the kicking and punching at all hours of the day. You have one week to comply with this order.
Thank you,
The Management

39 WEEKS. One week to go and things are coming along with the babe and the house. We had an ultrasound yesterday and the baby passed the biophysical profile with an 8/8. The baby is still under 7 pounds and as long as that doesn't mean it will be coming out later than planned then it's smallish weight is a-ok with me. Just after the ultrasound Mom and I saw a tiny little 4 day old baby while we were shopping and we asked how big she was, she was just about the same weight as the little one inside me. She was tiny. I pictured the baby bigger, what with all those big kicks and the enormity of my front section. Some days if I turn around without looking I can take out everything on the kitchen table.
Here I am, in the black skirt again, and looking rather plump.

Last night we slept in our new bedroom on the 2nd floor of the house. I just realized that I haven't had an upstairs bedroom since highschool (and the summers during university). We are still far from done, everywhere you look there's something else that needs finished. The bathroom is incomplete but we've closed the door on it until the fall. The door frames need to go up, the doors need painted, the hallway floor still needs to be laid and the stairwell needs... work. We started the project on May 3 and it's been constant work since then. We're tired.
Last night I also put away the baby's new clothes and blankets and diapers. I took apart the diaper cake and packed up the newborn diapers to take to the hospital. Everything is a new activity, something I've never done before. The excitement and anticipation is peaking. Everything else doesn't seem to matter.