Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Weapon of choice

When I eat my dinner at the computer, which is about once or twice per week, the cats come a runnin. They used to sit patiently next to me and I would usually save a little piece of meet and leave it for them when I was done. In their old age they have started acting much like they did when they were babies, by grabbing for the food as I'm lifting the utensil to my mouth. There are only 2 things I can do to get rid of them, one is to whistle for the dog but since I'm not good at whistling they have figured out that the dog won't respond and so they stay. The other one is the air duster:

They FRRREAK OUT at the sight of the duster. I don't even point it at them anymore, I just sit it next to my plate and they sit about 2 feet away and scrunch up their faces just in case I grab it and point it at them. I feel guilty but I ate peacefully tonight.

Monday, November 19, 2007



Weirdest Dream Ever

This one tops that time I dreamt that Allison saved us all on her enormous white motorcycle in the forest. I was reading all of the Harry Potter books in sequence at the time and I'm sure I was pulling imagery from that.

I quit smoking. I wasn't much of a smoker but I smoked when I drank and once in a while I smoked when I smoked the good stuff. WELL, I'm quitting completely and last night I had a dream about smoking. Robyn, who has never smoked and barely drinks asked me if I wanted to go outside for a smoke. I said ok and out we went. When we got outside MY MOM, who cries when I get drunk and have cigarettes and coughs when you smoke within 100 feet of her was outside LIGHTING UP. None of this seemed to phase me until I lit up and the cigarette tasted like ass, which made me immediately put it out. It was then that I started wondering why Robyn and my Mom were smoking and why they were smoking such disgusting tasting cigarettes. That's when I woke up. Man, that was weird.