Monday, November 19, 2007

Weirdest Dream Ever

This one tops that time I dreamt that Allison saved us all on her enormous white motorcycle in the forest. I was reading all of the Harry Potter books in sequence at the time and I'm sure I was pulling imagery from that.

I quit smoking. I wasn't much of a smoker but I smoked when I drank and once in a while I smoked when I smoked the good stuff. WELL, I'm quitting completely and last night I had a dream about smoking. Robyn, who has never smoked and barely drinks asked me if I wanted to go outside for a smoke. I said ok and out we went. When we got outside MY MOM, who cries when I get drunk and have cigarettes and coughs when you smoke within 100 feet of her was outside LIGHTING UP. None of this seemed to phase me until I lit up and the cigarette tasted like ass, which made me immediately put it out. It was then that I started wondering why Robyn and my Mom were smoking and why they were smoking such disgusting tasting cigarettes. That's when I woke up. Man, that was weird.


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