Friday, October 19, 2007

There are assholes among us.

Last night I went for an evening run after a very foggy and rainy couple of days. It was very nice to actually get out for a midweek run seeing as I've been spending every daylight hour working lately. I took Tessie with me, she doesn't like running with me because she'd rather walk and smell for dog piss on every single blade of grass. She likes to pull ever so slightly to the left and if I give in even a little she'll stop completely, as if I had given her the ok to take a break and sniff.

So anyway, the assholes, I'm not sure who it is but someone in our park has been squishing snails. The poor things are just trying to cross over the path through the park and it's so wet out that they probably think it will be a fun little 12 hour hike across the path but the rewards will be so worth it because the grass is greener over there. On the other side, get it? Anyway, someone has squished upwards of 30 snails on the path. You know it wasn't an accidental step when every snail is squished, the shells are all shattered and the guts are oozing everywhere. I did spot a couple of live snails with about 2 feet left to go before reaching the promised land so I picked them up and moved them to safety. Seriously, how much better does it make someone feel to kill things. I find it disturbing. Seriously.


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