Friday, February 01, 2008

Worth it

Just before Christmas at a family party my Grandma got into a conversation with a woman who was quite interested in hearing about her stroke, which was 9 years ago. Wow, 9 years!? This woman's mother recently suffered a stroke and the woman was looking for insight into how to help her mother cope, what helped, what didn't, how long recovery took. I listened in for a few minutes while Grandma described some of things she went through, her rehabilitation and some her feelings throughout. I also heard her telling her about the apartment she moved to about 3(?) years ago. I didn't have a great seat and couldn't hear well so I ended up drifting to another conversation.

The next day Grandma told us about her conversation with the woman at the party. She said that she was a valuable source of information for this woman, that she has lived through the things that the woman's mother is just beginning to try to adjust to. What really surprised me is that for the first time Grandma told us how she recommended an apartment like hers. She told the woman about the social aspect, how it took her a little while to get involved but now she is very happy to be there. When Grandma was moved from Mom's house to the apartment I was sad, scared, a little mad. Definitely not excited or happy. I wanted Grandma to be comfortable and happy and I thought this big huge change was going to make her anything but those things. Turns out that she is very comfortable and very happy at the apartment. Wicked. I love that things turned out this way. The score for change is now 1,098,124. When will I learn?

Monday, January 28, 2008

Dog Gone Fun

Shhh, quiet. There are 3 dogs in my house and if I make the slightest noise they will all jump up and do a lap of the house and then have seizures at the back door while hoping I might take them outside to run. Even my dog, a lover of sleeping and sulking is getting in on the action of being totally insane. I am having fun with these guys most of the time except when the whole house erupts into chaotic noise and for the little one, hurling his body into windows and doors.

I'm going to serve them their supper now and then take them out with a tennis racket and a few tennis balls and try to tire them out. If I stay out until midnight I may just accomplish that.