Friday, May 30, 2008


My totally awesome family and friends threw a surprise shower this weekend. They got me and boy was I surprised. There were no hints. Even the fact that Wendy was visiting for the weekend was easily explained as just a rare weekend that she was able to get off and come visit. I feel so lucky to have such great amounts of support from all these people around me. I am so touched that such an effort was put into the planning and preparation of what was a really wonderful afternoon for me and little fetushead. Finally, I am proud to be part of this family who serves champagne at afternoon baby showers and gets ripped after all the guests have left. Next baby shower it'll be my turn to drink up and say fuck in front Grandma!

The photos:

Completely duped.
I haven't been a crier during this pregnancy. In fact, I haven't cried once... it was about 0.7 seconds after the surprise that the waterworks started. Then I tried to hide in Mom's neck.

The cake.
The non-edible cake. This diaper cake is amazing. You see them on the craft webpages with how to instructions and this one is as good if not better.

Everyone had a good time but saying that Mom is excited is an understatement. At one point Mom looked at me and said "I'm just so excited for everything!" with a huge giddy grin. She's going to be a fantastic Gran... or Grand-Mama!