Saturday, October 31, 2009

The dog bowl problem

I have no solution for the ongoing dog bowl issue. The dog needs to drink, the baby loves water. A dilemma for sure.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Feeling fine

Titles of new posts I came up with while waiting in line for an H1N1 vaccination:

The rage!
Swiiiiiiiinnnnnnnne Flu!
Waiting! Waiting! WAITING!
Mother-F-ing, God-damn health care system!

For the first time, Dylan showed a little more patience than his mother while we waited for our H1N1 vaccinations yesterday and today he is showing a lot more resiliency. We did it, we stood in line with the masses. Something I would never have done pre-baby. I do that now, eh? I use pre- and post- baby as a descriptor. Anyway, Dylan Carole and I are vaccinated. Were we the smart ones? the dumb ones? the lucky ones? Who knows and only time will tell. Have I jumped on the swine flu hysteria bandwagon? Maybe a little. I don't know what to think or what to fear. I think that we can heed warnings and absorb information from the media and not give in to the panic and horror and... jazz hands that seems to come attached at the swine flu hip.

I wasn't concerned about the vaccines, not at all. Except maybe a little teeny tiny bit in the back of my brain, ther is always the possibility of side effects. Poor Dylan had 3 vaccines this week and I can't help but wonder if we are putting a lot of pressure on his little body. Who knows though, we all take in tons of antigens every day and we are constantly building little antibodies to all sorts of harmless particles. Effortlessly, right?. So this week we artificially gave his body some homework for extra marks.

As for the actual shot. Holy crap is my arm sore. Really sore, sore to even the gentlest graze. And my neck! It aches! And I'm including my misery here because I need to tell everyone that MY ARM HURTS! FEEL SORRY FOR ME! MY LIFE WAS DISRUPTED BY THE SWINE FLU CRAZE! Dylan? Nothing. He wailed when the shot went in. Boy, babies have no idea what's coming and then bam, it's like a shot in the arm. Hah. But today he moved around, played, slept and had fun like we didn't wait in line for 5 hours just to get our arms poked with poison yesterday. He is such a trooper.

Here are some photos of the line

The media. The little girl in line behind us kept holding her fist up to her mouth and mimic this guy saying"people are lined up today anxious to get their swine flu vaccination". The she would say "anxious" again and laugh. She was 7.

Here are a couple of photos of what you really came for:

The new camera face.