Monday, September 20, 2010


WEIRD NIGHT! I was alone with Dylan tonight, no biggie right? When bedtime came he still had the Volkswagon attached to his hand so I offered him some milk and slipped the car away. When I tried to put him in bed he was not interested at all... so I read him some books and then the phone kept ringing and ringing so I get up to answer it and Dylan goes and has a poop. Ok, so now I know why he didn't want to go to bed. Back to his room we go and he won't let me change his diaper so I made the mistake of handing him the VW to help him lay still. Then I tried to take it away from him and put him to bed because at this point it's 8:30. He screamed and he's in my arms and he leans on my arm and then he bit me. HARD. I'm welted and have the skin torn off. I put him in his bed and leave, he nearly gags on the sobs. I go back in and try to calm him down but he won't. I tell him tough luck and I put him back in the crib and leave and listen to the fake gagging. FAKE GAGGING. Jay has now come home and is all "what are you doing to him?" and I'm all "THAT FUCKING VOLKSWAGON YOU BOUGHT HIM" and so we both go back into him room. He wants his Daddy, of course he does. He says "Bye Mommy" and then says a string of baby gibberish to Jay and then leans over to allow me to kiss his cheek. Thanks! Then Jay puts him to sleep in like 1 minute, sans Volkswagon. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?