Thursday, January 04, 2007

Running Update

Today I ran 5 hills and a total of 5.8 Km. This is the 1st week of ramping up my distances in prep for the Burlington Chilly half marathon. I ran a 12 Km on Monday (didn't make it out Sunday due to a hangover and getting lost in Buffalo). I was a little stiff but ran a 4 Km speed run yesterday while dragging the dog and then the hills today. I haven't felt this strong since the summer that I cleaned windows and grew muscles.



Sometimes I respond to emails with very simple line: Great.

This can either make them think I am very happy, as in "That's great, thank you very much!" or this may make them think I'm being very sarcastic, as in "Great, now I feel like shoving my pen through my eye". I know I should stop this but it's the only way I feel any sense of accomplishment. Great.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

My Resolutions

My only resolution is to stop complaining so much. It's ridiculous.

Love life, be happy, enjoy everything.