Thursday, February 28, 2008

Half Way Point!

The belly is half full, 20 weeks! I'm starting to feel the dancing inside my belly on a regular basis... but not regular enough to not worry when I don't feel anything for entire days. The belly is feeling much harder and the top of the uterus is now in line with the belly button.

From now on I need to take better pictures in a brighter setting. Below on the left is 19 weeks and on the right was taken tonight at 20 weeks. It's hard to see a difference because of the black shirt.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dreaming of warm weather and suntans

It's snowing again today. I'm working from home and dreaming of vacation. The snow is making headline news this year. Record snowfalls for individual storms and for the season. Bleh. It's nice to look at an all but can we just shut up about it already? That includes me. It snowed. The end.

One about pee

People who don't like thinking about the bodily functions of others should stop reading now.

I've been feeling movement since Friday. It doesn't feel like bubbles or butterflies or all the cute little things that people have described to me. It usually feels like there is a toot on it's way. I usually wait a few seconds and if no toot comes then I announce "I felt it move!". The doctor told me that the placenta is on the anterior so all the movement I'll feel will be less pronounced than if it was posterior. So far the feelings have been mild and sporadic and when the doctor was listening to the heart rate, or rather chasing the baby around my stomach with the doppler she said "wow, is it ever active" but at that point I wasn't feeling anything.

Last night before bed I told Jay that I wished I felt it move all the time and he said he wished he could to. We went to sleep and a few hours later I woke up feeling an enormous urge to pee. I jumped out of bed and sat on the toilet only to let out 4 drips of urine. In hindsight I think I felt my first big kick and it was to the bladder.