Wednesday, February 23, 2005

More on the house.

We have some reservations and questions about the house... we've opted to drop our offer to $70K below the list price... with the usual conditions of selling our house, financing, home inspection. We are also putting in the condition that they put in writing that they did the repairs they say they did and they supply the proof that the empty, city-owned lot next door will be put up for sale and whomever owns this house will get first right of refusal. They can say it but they gotta prove it.

His agent made the huge mistake of telling our agent (my agent can beat up your agent, na-na-na-na-na-naaaa) that the house should be listed $20K below what its at! DUH! Way to sell out your client!

So we lowball the offer for him and we wait for a counter offer. Wheeeeeeee.

So, I am feeling mildly confident (read: confident but don't want to be wrong and get embarrassed). I think this guy is ready to sell and if he faces reality that we are ready to buy but we've done our homework (our agent did our homework) and any other responsible buyer out there is going to do theirs as well then he's going to keep getting no or low offers. Here's hoping.

We are so ready to see that water this spring and right now that is not a good thing. We want it so bad we can taste it. We are ready to keep a level head about ourselves... but self. control. is. hard.

The next big step would be selling our house. We are in some serious need for painters. This is going to be a loooonnnnng weekend.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The House.

I don't know why these things come about the way they do but it seems that Jay and I only do things in a rushed fashion. For some reason my in-laws went out house shopping, less than a year after bulding their empty nester/retirement digs... but my curiosities about that are another story. We visit and they casually say they saw a house they don't want but we would like it. This progresses to a couple of days later where they say seriously, you should go look at it right away, our agent says the guy will start talking at $40K below list price. Well, I love a deal so we set up an appointment. We like it. We want it. We can get the mortgage. The bad news, our house needs sooo much work. I walk from room to room making a mental inventory of things we could and should do. I am going to sell the first house I ever owned. This is new territory for me and while I always thought that we'd take 6 months to casually fix up our house to sell it, we'd put it on the market and wait for the right bid to come along, now I am working frantically to clean, putty, paint this house to get it on the market as quickly as possible so we can get the fucker sold and buy the next 'dream house' we want. We are discussing the minimum we'd take... last week we would have talked about how long we would hold out for to the maximum cash for the place.

So now I wonder, what are we doing?... this is soooo not the plan I envisioned, I expected to be re-employed (2005 resolution #1 - Get New Job) and then start slowly shopping. Is this how these things happen? Am I the only person who would consider trying to relocate my ENTIRE LIFE in 28 days or less? Am I physically and mentally up for the challenge? How can we put in a low-ball offer and expect this guy to take it, take his house off the market and wait for ours to sell in the middle of bloody February.

Breathe 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

If this Blog seems like a frantic, disorganized collections of thoughts.... then you should see the inner workings of my brain on days like this. Ugggh. Thank goodness for wonderful husbands and adorable dogs.