Monday, March 31, 2008

Instances where the baby has been munching on my brain

This weekend I did my usual and went to the gym on Saturday morning. I took out my usual lock that I've had for years and I threw my stuff in the usual locker I use before heading into the aerobics studio for step class. After class I returned to the locker, spun the combination and it wouldn't open. It wouldn't open because I wasn't using the right combination, I couldn't remember what the right combination was! The combination I've been spinning on that damn Dudley lock for a few years and the combo wouldn't come to me, I mean I knew that it started with a 5 and I was sure I knew the vicinity of the other 2 numbers. I went back into the gym and did some stretching and tried to think of the combo but just drew a blank. In the end I needed to go to the front desk and admit the complete breakdown of my memory and ask the receptionist to cut the lock. Dammit.

After cleaning the house yesterday I made a tea and planned to read for 20 minutes before getting ready to meet friends for lunch. I took the tea and my book and got settled on the bed. I reached for the tea several minutes later to see that I'd forgot to finish making it. I'd pulled the teabag out but that was it. I make 1-4 cups of tea every day and I forgot the milk.

That's it baby, step away from the brain and start munching on something else... like my butt fat.