Friday, October 27, 2006

Listen to the machines

I had an iPod crisis this morning. I plugged it in to charge and the iPod went to add a few songs that I downloaded last night. It gave me some error message and in true Jennifer fashion I clicked 'ok' without reading it. I always assume that computers will do what is in my best interest so why bother spending time reading things I don't understand. Guess not.

About a half hour later I went out for my last run before this Sunday (10Km race!) and turn on the Nike+ then try to select the correct playlist and all I have is one playlist with every song from my library on it. Oh oh. No biggie though, I can fast forward through the slow songs, right? I did actually have my best 5K in a couple of weeks.

When I came home, I looked at iTunes and deleted a few songs as well as the playlist that had obviously been created earlier and was the result the unread error message. I think, 'Boy, I'm outsmating this little iPod now, I'm just going to plug it in and my playlists will update'. I plug it in and there's an error message. "Cannot update, the playlists selected to update do not exist." WHAT?! I try the iPod and IT'S EMPTY. OH NO, IT'S BROKEN.

I spent the next half an hour reading through user manuals and online forums trying to find somewhere that it says: Instructions for idiots who are too lazy to read VERY IMPORTANT PROBLEMS WITH THEIR TECHNOLOGY.

Respect your technology, listen to it's issues and keep it happy.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Another year...

Yay Blogger for not deleting a year old dormant blog! Wheeeeeee. So I started this blog as a resolution. As with most resolutions this one kind of fell apart but when I read some of the things I wrote a year ago it brings back good memories. Too bad I stopped because I've had a fun year!

In 5 days I run my first 10Km race! Woot! I'm horribly nervous. I picture myself getting 300 meters off the starting line and starting to convulse with horrible cramping and muscle spasms. That or coming in dead last a full hour after everyone else. Confidence is not one of my better traits. Wish me luck!!

Cuba in November 2005 :

The dogs last winter:

The crazy swarming bugs in the spring: