Friday, October 27, 2006

Listen to the machines

I had an iPod crisis this morning. I plugged it in to charge and the iPod went to add a few songs that I downloaded last night. It gave me some error message and in true Jennifer fashion I clicked 'ok' without reading it. I always assume that computers will do what is in my best interest so why bother spending time reading things I don't understand. Guess not.

About a half hour later I went out for my last run before this Sunday (10Km race!) and turn on the Nike+ then try to select the correct playlist and all I have is one playlist with every song from my library on it. Oh oh. No biggie though, I can fast forward through the slow songs, right? I did actually have my best 5K in a couple of weeks.

When I came home, I looked at iTunes and deleted a few songs as well as the playlist that had obviously been created earlier and was the result the unread error message. I think, 'Boy, I'm outsmating this little iPod now, I'm just going to plug it in and my playlists will update'. I plug it in and there's an error message. "Cannot update, the playlists selected to update do not exist." WHAT?! I try the iPod and IT'S EMPTY. OH NO, IT'S BROKEN.

I spent the next half an hour reading through user manuals and online forums trying to find somewhere that it says: Instructions for idiots who are too lazy to read VERY IMPORTANT PROBLEMS WITH THEIR TECHNOLOGY.

Respect your technology, listen to it's issues and keep it happy.


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