Monday, July 18, 2005


Dear Arrogant Little Bitch,

This letter is to remind you that when you want me to do something for you, you will need to give me 3 important pieces of information. The same 3 things I asked for 2 days ago, the same 3 things I described in detail when you started your job, the same 3 fucking tidbits of information that any reasonable person with an ounce of common sense would think to have ready when they open an email and type my address in the To: box.

I do not appreciate when you send me an unintelligible string of words, which you apparently call a sentence, then I remind you of the 3 things I need and then you proceed to answer them one at a time but only with my prompting for more information. Can you not answer emails with multiple questions in them? You are a grown up, please start to practice this.

You may have noticed that I take some time before I open an email from you, this is so that you will have time to find the info you are going to need. The info you should have found before you hit send the first time. I know it is wishful thinking that you might realize your error and recall that email. I know this because it’s not your style. Your style is to remember things little bit by little bit and continue to send me the info in 3-6 subsequent emails. I know you are proud of yourself but this is equally irritating as when I have to ask you for the information.

In closing I would like you to note that I have created a hard copy and electronic documentation of your stupidity for the moment that they promote you again without posting the job. I know you weasled your way in there and I know that your coworkers are sorely disappointed in your performance. I’m not that worried about you advancing your career because it is not just I who find you a repulsive person to work with, but just in case you somehow manage to convince yet another fool in rose coloured glasses to give you more responsibility than you will ever be capable of, remember, I have the back-up proof that you are a complete and utter twit.

Thank you,
The Bitch down the hall.


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