Friday, June 17, 2005

Helllllloooooo Martini!

The year of the resolution... huh.... so I guess people can't always keep resolutions even if they REALLY WANT to.

To recap, here are the resolutions:
1. Get a new job in 2005
2. Improve Cooking Skills
3. Learn Guitar
4. Use dayplanner regularly
5. Carpool – 2-5 times per week
6. Go to bed early
7. Exercise 3-5 times per week
8. Start a Blog and keep it up to date.

I have not successfully blogged on a regular basis in 2005. I have, however, successfully read every day in 2005.

Life is going good since March 8th, the last time I wrote.

My biggest succcess story is that I have gone to the gym religiously even when it doesn't seem like it's making much difference. I did wear shorts the other day, the tight-look-at-my-ass shorts, and I do have to say I don't look half bad. Something must be working.

I suck at guitar but I kept it up for 3 whole months. I will do it again but I'm just taking a little break... they really want you to practice every day or they get mad... it's like school.... the fact that I'm paying them to yell at me was not appealing.

I am better at cooking.. not good but better. I make a mean rack of ribs. And Kraft Dinner.

How did "Go to bed early" get on there?!? I was really setting myself up to fail, wasn't I?

I have a planner and I write things in it. I must practice the part where I check it regularily.

Some things have come up since I made the resolutions!

We moved. We are no longer living in 'the first house we ever owned'. We have carpet. Caaaarrrrrpppet. We like it. It's soft and you can have sex on it. It is more comfy than laminate.

I AM A BRIDESMAID. I can't tell you what is the most exciting part of this... the fact that I am a good enough friend to make it to bridesmaid status... I get to buy a new and expensive dress and shoes... I will ALMOST be the centre of attention... hehe, kidding. But not really.

My cousin and friends are visiting Canada in 2 weeks. Yay. I took a week off and we are all going to spend a few days at the cottage, Canada's Wonderland, Ottawa and White Water Rafting. And that's only in the first week of their trip! They could be in for a shock, they've never vacation a la Jenn and Jay... we don't rest, we just go... my toenail is still recovering from European Adventure 2004.

Life is good right now. My advice to self: Smile. Enjoy the little things. Like carpet. Forget the resolutions.


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