Monday, January 24, 2005

Case of the Mondays?

"Looks like someone has a case of the Mondays"... gah, I love the part in Office Space (one of the greatest movies made) where the bubbly little office bee says this to Peter... who is having 'the worst day of his life' becuase every day is 'the worst day of his life' and all of his 8 managers are all over him about the cover sheet on his tps reports...hahah.

Mondays are often horrible and often great... here are the circumstances leading to my fluctuating moods today:

1. Roads are snowy and crappy for the last 20 minutes of my drive in
2. Office coffee surprisingly tastes great today
3. One of my many jobs is cancelled today because truck is frozen - the kicker in this situation is that the manager says there's no way I requested a Monday pick up AND I didn't print the order in dispatch (which I did do, LAST WEDNESDAY). - Really bad mood. Furious.
4. Spoke to my manager and tell him the whole thing
5. Realize I basically told him everything but he won't be doing a damned thing about it
6. Husband calls - great mood... he's driving in snowy weather with big trucks swerving all over
7. Found out another job was delayed but this time I wasn't told!
8.I found my favourite thong behind the dryer yesterday and I'm wearing it today
9. It is 3:22 and I have about a half hour left to finish my work and drive home in a snowstorm
10. I ordered Carmen Electra's Fit to Strip video today
11. I can abandon my poor puppy and go to the gym or I can cancel my aerobics class tonight


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