Thursday, January 20, 2005

The Gym.

I really like the gym. I really really like it. Why have I taken this long, very long hiatus from being a hard-core gym person? I loved the gym… and the more weight I gain the more I realize all those years I worked out hard and thought I was still fat that I actually looked great… and it’s only now that the extra flab is a little, well, hideous. Man. There are so many shitty things you can only learn the hard way. It’s not that I stopped exercising all together. I just stopped the aerobics, which is the activity that really pushes me. I was working out by myself, I’ve ran a bunch of times… the year I got married I ran quite a bit… well, quite a bit for someone who had become quite sedentary. Plus all the other stuff we do that keeps us fairly fit… but still below average.

I can tell you how I let things slip. Number 1: I went to University… that was hard, I went from 5 aerobics classes a week to none, school was hard so study time was ALL the time. Number 2: I started working full time… not much of an excuse but for the first couple of years I wanted to go home and stay home in the evenings. THAT IS SO LAME. Number 3: Keeping a house and getting out almost every night is difficult… that is also lame but it has taken time to really master the art of domestication…. I have a clean kitchen every day now… and when something isn’t done I have that my priorities need to be with myself and my body instead of a load of laundry or scrubbing the toilet. I guess the general trend of this seems to be that I know these are stupid excuses.

I now love the way I feel. Love how I feel more confident about my health, strength and endurance. I promised myself I wouldn’t get too excited too early into this resolution… but I started this one early, around the beginning of December. I’m excited. Whoo.


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