Wednesday, January 19, 2005


It’s January 19, 2005 – time to attack yet another resolution…. starting this Blog. This year I have made quite a list of things in my life to give up, change, make better, etc… I have never had a resolution before; people always say they never keep them so why bother. Well, my life has fallen into a series of bad routines and it is time to get a move on changing some of these things. I have a great life, and those bad habits I had/have well they don’t make me miserable or anything but its just time to grow up a little. So, here they are: THE RESOLUTIONS.

1. Get a new job in 2005
2. Improve Cooking Skills
3. Learn Guitar
4. Use dayplanner regularly
5. Carpool – 2-5 times per week
6. Go to bed early
7. Exercise 3-5 times per week
8. Start a Blog and keep it up to date.

So far so good on all of my resolutions, I am hitting the gym every second day or so, I signed up for a cooking class, on a waiting list for the guitar lessons and have been practicing with a video from the library, bought a daytimer last Saturday, today was the 4 time I’ve carpooled since the 3rd of January and just yesterday I sent out a resume for a job I’d really like to get and finally here I am…. blogging. I figure I’ll use this thing to come back and remind myself of the resolutions.

Until next time.



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