Friday, February 18, 2005

Things people say and why it sounds stupid.

"You're killing me"..... this is such a stupid expression especially when used by coworkers or someone providing you with a service. First of all, I am not killing you, I have never held a weapon, except for my Henckels but that chicken was already dead. Secondly: Drama. Queen. You sound like such a suck. Finally, the passive-aggressive thing is so 1991. Get over it, do your job.
Disclaimer: I do realize I will be saying this one day when I have a child and it is 15 years old... but it will be meant in an entirely different context.

"May I ask who's calling?"..... another one that makes me cringe... Screen calls much? The only people asking this question should be the assistants of corporate big wigs the likes of Donald Trump, because people like that shouldn't have to just answer every call and parents of 16 year old daughters when a man who does not have a crack in his voice calls at 11pm.

"I don't do that, it's not my job"... well, suck it up princess, I'm asking you to do it. The only exception to making yourself sound like a suck would be if the request would put you in harms way. There's no 'it's not my job' in TEAM!

"Not a chance in Hell" ... here we go with those death metaphors again... this is another line that people with a more dramatic outlook on life will use. This is a line best saved for a question such as "How much would it take to keep you for the night little dahlin'?" or "Can I borrow $10K to go to the Casino?". When someone asks a simple request that would typically be easily accomodated I would prefer to hear 'unfortunately that's not possible'.

"I know you're busy but..." - this is only stupid when the but follows the most ridiculous, disorganized, urgent request that requires immediate attention and could have been brought up hours/days/weeks ago!

I will add more later.


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