Friday, March 04, 2005

We are half way there...

So yesterday morning we found out the guy accepted our offer on his house. In 2 and a half months we may be living on the lake. Ummmm, OH GOOD GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE?!? I instantly have buyer's remorse. In fact, I had putting-in-an-offer remorse last week through to the day before yesterday. I know it's just a symptom of nerves, I get buyer's remorse when I splurge on real Diet Coke (TM) at full price instead of President's Choice (TM) diet cola so no big deal. I am really looking forward to lazing around in what feels like a really comfy house.

But not to get ahead of myself, we still have the task of convincing someone to buy our house. It is a good house. It has 4 walls and roof that only leaks sometimes. It has indoor plumbing and electricity. Hey, this should be a breeze to sell. Ummmmm, OH GOOD GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE?!? Ok, so we now have only 2 more days to do all the jobs that may have taken me an entire year to finish. I am painting like a crazy lady, cleaning like a mad woman, running around like a chicken with my head cut off .... all the while trying to practice the guitar so that I don't look stupid at my lessons and tape and watch my favorite tv shows.... that totals 3 hours so until Tuesday I don't really need to watch anything else. I think the frozen pizza we ate for supper last night is the beginning of a weekend of eating only things the surgeon general warns to eat only in moderation. Mental note, take metamucil when you get home because chances of getting any real good sources of fibre this weekend is slim to none.

So, since all I've thought about today is the list, here it is:
apt front hall
paint door
lay underlay and carpet
buy and paint baseboards and install
buy, paint and install door frames
apt bathroom
apply caulking around tub
clean floor and toilet
apt kitchen
clean and caulk around faucet and backsplash
rest of apartment
clean and empty of tools and junk
Jay to finish drywalling stairwell, putty, sand and prime.
remove all garbage from outside landing and take to the dump (or dump in neighbours dumpster)

Main floor spare room
repair ceiling crack
clean cob webs from walls
clear room and lay underlay and carpet
Main floor front hall
install coat hooks
Main floor kitchen
apply caulking along counter's back edge
Main floor office
clean up all visible files/papers
move cats litter box to the basement
move 1 desk out
clean walls and baseboards
Main floor Bathroom
sand, prime and paint thingy at foot of bathtub
paint window and door frames
Rest of main floor
hang 3 ocean prints - 1 in each of bedrooms and living room
clean up basement - make garage sale pile/boxes and dump pile

Did I say half way there? ... apparently the offering of money for a house is the tiniest piece of a monster of a puzzle.... you know, like the thousand piece ones of a field of wildflowers or something like. Ya, the offer was just us finding one of the corner pieces.


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Good luck on the house.


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