Friday, October 05, 2007


Thanksgiving weekend starts in about... now. We are headed to the cottage this year. There haven't been many Thanksgivings that I haven't gone to the cottage and I can almost guess all the fun things that we're going to do. Tomorrow morning Janice, in her jammies, will make the stuffing, prep the vegetables and perhaps recruit Robyn or me with the lure of the Rotato to peel the potatoes. If the bird is big enough she will also get the bird, who we usually name Tom, all cleaned up, emptied out and stuffed. If we're having homemade pie, Allan will have it all put together by 11am. Jay will take the dog to the beach in the morning. In the early afternoon, I will probably go golfing with Jay and Allan while the girls go shopping, go for a walk or sit on the deck if the sun is hot. We're hoping for sun but I think the forecast is for a 40% chance of rain. When we get back the cottage will have the distinct smell of turkey while Jay, Allan and I will have the distinct smell of beer. Yessss!

On Sunday we may go for a nice nature walk all together but if the weather is crummy we'll probably wander the stores in town or the market. Grandma will get Jay and I working on the outdoor stuff that needs to be done to close the cottage for the long winter ahead. We will all eat the leftovers and fight over the stuffing and the pie.

This year we're leaving at the crack of freaking dawn on Monday because Jay needs to go to work. I don't mind because that means that I don't need to do the big clean up inside the cottage. I'm not good at that and Janice is very good at it which makes my poor effort look even worse next to her efficient gleamingly clean house.

It's time to say goodbye to the cottage for another 7 months. I've lived in many houses in my life but the cottage is that one thing that's been a constant. It barely ever changes, everyone is always invited and you're almost always allowed to sing.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Sometimes I get so preoccupied with the things in my head I can drive for 40 minutes and not remember more than 30 seconds of it. Oy, it's been a busy day.