Saturday, June 28, 2008

228 diapers - check!

720 baby wipes - check! After a phone call to Janice and a quick calculation we realized the maybe 60 diapers and 48 baby wipes I had on hand were going to last maybe a week or two, hence the need to buy the jumbo boxes of both items.

Jobs for today included restocking the refridgerator and hitting Costco before the last day of the current round of instore coupons. Both stores I went to were insanely busy and while standing in the Costco isle, I asked someone to hold my spot, watch my cart and move it up a bit if the lined moved up, then I ran to the back of the store for one more thing from the coupon list. When I got back, we hadn't moved up at all. Why? Because it's Saturday and everyone in the entire Town of Burlington goes to Costco for the lovely high pressure sodium lighting, cement floors and sweet smell of hotdogs in the warmer. I went today because I'm an idiot. I had work off yesterday and instead of getting errands done I cleaned. I cleaned so that when I ran errands today Jay could resand the upstairs walls and put a fresh coat of drywall dust on every surface of our house. Walking in to a cloud of dust makes one want to scream and move in with the inlaws.

So for an update, I have 17 days to go and I feel nothing. Well I feel lots of wriggling around and the baby is still pushing it's little bottom against the right side of my belly, just under the ribs. I also have squishy, sore knuckles and my toes are starting to look like breakfast sausages. I feel fine though so I'm heading to the cottage for a couple of days while Jay continues to work away on the bedrooms. He has been a trooper, not a complaint out of him. The work is tough, his feet are sore and he's been covered in fine dust every weekend for the last couple of months. Jay wants me to go to the cottage, he wants me to relax and spend some time with the girls. I have to say that I am grateful because I wouldn't have gone if he didn't insist on it. This project is both our responsibilities and I really feel like I'm walking away and leaving it up to him. I'm very lucky that he's nearly perfect... all I'm saying is there's still that dishwasher problem he has.