Thursday, April 08, 2010

A long way to go...

Earlier Dylan and I found a ladybug (where are they coming from?) so I let it walk around my hand while he was fascinated by it. Then the ladybug migrated up my arm, ok no problem I thought, but it it tickled and suddenly I started to be creeped out. I wanted to show Dylan how easy it was to let this bug walk around on me so I kept a straight face. Yay Mom! And then I started losing the mental battle, I was getting more creeped out by the second until there was a particularly tickly moment and I couldn't hold it in. I screamed. Dylan's eyes welled up and his bottom lip pouted up and started to quiver. Boo Mom! I was a ladybug! I have got a long way to loving creepy crawlies.

When did that baby turn into a big boy?


At 2:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Soon he'll be putting bugs on all the girls.


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