Sunday, March 07, 2010

My ass would like to ask for a time out

The hiiiillllllssss ... are very steep and abundant in this part of California. Day 2 and we've walked the hills both days. My ass is wondering where we are and why we left the flatness of Southern Ontario. This is nothing like when I jack up the incline on the treadmill and power through 45 seconds of "hills". This is the real thing and my ass will thank me for it one day.

We are having a great time with Scout and Chris and Kerri. Scout is Dylan's cute little shadow, a little shadow that turns her little body around to carefully back down the 2 steps from the kitchen to the living room only to have him turn around and trot right back to the kitchen. Dylan on the other hand knows he's the big cousin and barely gives her a nod except to take away her little push toys that help her walk or grab her by the shoulder and take her down to the ground. He totally understands when we tell him to be gentle with the dog so today I've started gently petting Scout and saying gentle in hopes that he makes the connection. Please don't tell her in 10 years that we pet her like a dog to try to teach her cousin to be a nice boy.

They have had some awesome moments in the couple of days they've been together. Today Dylan bent down and licked Scout's face and then wrapped his arms around her neck... I'm pretty sure this was affection... right? Then there is the eating, Scout loves to eat with Dylan and we try to sit them together at meal time as much as possible but when we can't then Scout always tries to help Dylan with his food. It's the cutest thing, a Cheerio is always yummier from a big cousin's tray.

Beach bound.


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