Friday, March 12, 2010

Bump N' Grind

When we picked up an information sheet on some nature walks and hikes we only really considered the easy ones but then we saw these people walking up this little hill behind the Target. We noticed that the description in our info said it was a tough workout called Bump N' Grind. But it looked like fun and not so hard so when Dylan woke up AGAIN at 5:45AM (AM!) we decided to try it out. We thought we wouldn't look like losers if we were sucking wind at 7:30 in the morning because no one would be there that early. Fat chance, the road was lined with cars and people with workout gear and water bottle belts were heading up the hill. We set up the baby back-pack and took off. We got near the top of the hill Jay wondered out loud why the info sheet said it was a tough workout and I laughed. Ha. Ha. Then we came around the bend at the top of hill to see all those workout people climbing A MOUNTAIN! Since Jay was carrying an extra 30 pounds of baby, it was his call to keep going and so we did... because Jay would never turn down a challenge. Well we had a blast climbing that mountain, it was the first time I have ever kept up with Jay on any hike (thanks to the 30 pound baby!) and it really wasn't that bad. I guess I'm in good enough shape to tackle a mountain. My butt is sore today, Jay's isn't.

Near the top of the first hill.

Almost there!
We made it!
The way back down on the other side!


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