Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Top 3 phrases used in the Palm Desert portion of our vacation:

Tumbleweed! Oh my gosh, that's my first tumbleweed! Let's stop!

Why are there always car chasing, rabid dogs on my vacation?

Maybe we should turn around because that sign HAS BULLET HOLES!

Those last 2 are particularily funny to us because when we went to Costa Rica about 3 years ago we decided that since the map showed a road, a dirt road, cutting through some mountains that we would attempt it since it was the quickest route. We eventually turned after driving through rainforest on something that should only be called a bike path. I tearfully explained to Jay my fear of blowing every tire on the rental car and no one on the planet knew where we were at that moment and knowing it was a stupid way to die. Jay still laughs his ass off when he tells this story. So today when I saw a dirt road I suggested as a joke that we take it and Jay, of course, took me completely seriously. As we got further and further away from the road I was more and more horrified with fear and yet thrilled with a sense of adventure. This is the reason I have so much fun with with Jay, I would have never actually taken that road and when I saw those dogs running out to chase our car I would totally have turned back. But we didn't, we kept going and laughed at each and got out of the car and enjoyed the complete silence of being in the middle of nowhere.

A modest Palm Springs residence.
Bullet. Holes.

So we are in Palm Springs and let me say that I'm embarrassed at how many times in my life I've wondered aloud if it's Palm Beach or Palm Springs... because Palm Springs is inland. Not a beach in sight. It's all mountains and desert as far as you can see. Today we took in a nature walk and even though we've been drinking water by the gallon, we felt like we had eaten sand by the end of the walk. I've never been anywhere this dry before. The weather has been great, it's cool in the mornings and at night and a perfect temperature in the day... well, maybe 2 more degrees would be perfect.

An oasis


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