Sunday, February 10, 2008

The aftermath

Here are some of the pictures I took after the storm last week.

The morning after the storm I took the dogs around the back to the lot behind the neighbours house in search of snow to protect their naked little feet since our yard was covered in sharp ice. Woody did his usual inspection and marking of the entire perimeter of the lot. I was calling him back and when he finally came he was limping and trailing blood. He had partially torn his toenail off. I carried what I thought was a poor little baby who can barely stand back to our door and put him down on the ground while I ran in to get a towel. Woody must have thought I'd gone to get a tennis ball because when I came back outside he was running to the field. We got the bleeding stopped, I made a vet appointment for after work and I left. Later, while we anxiously waited for the vet to see us Woody knocked the whole nail off. The vet cauterized the exposed nailbed, bandaged him up and sent us home. Today he found the only bush with burrs on it and covered himself in them. I hope Mom and Russ like his new haircut when they get home from vacation.
Here's Woody with his little bandage:
With plastic bags taped up with hockey tape (thanks Jay!) to keep it dry:
He had no trouble using the leg:

Or the mouth:
And because so many people were amazed I could get them to sit together the first time, here's another:


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