Friday, January 11, 2008

Two complaints for the kid

Kid, you have been around for 11 weeks and I'd like to let you know a couple of things you need to work on before they get out of hand:

1. You run too slow. We are now taking 30 minutes to run 4 Km?! That's a bit excessive, if you could please work on shaving about 5-6 minutes off that time then we'll be good and I can eat more cheesecake.

2. You are not old enough to make Mommy's belly look so big. I was told you would stay hidden down in the pelvis area for a few more weeks. Mommy looks fat and wears hideously frumpy clothes to try to hide you. Do you really need so much space since you are only 3 inches long? You are our secret for a little while longer so if you could get back down where you are supposed to be then I can eat another piece of cheesecake.


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