Monday, January 15, 2007

Two entries in one day!

So I asked for winter and I kind of got it. Yesterday I did a 14Km! A new distance for me! I also got to practice that winter running that I was complaining about not experiencing yet. I started out in no precipitation and I hadn't even checked the weather so I had no idea what was to come. Then it turning into freezing rain, which stung as it struck my face. Then it turned into big huge snow flakes and that was awesome plus it brushed right off. The hard part was that I was running head on into the snow so it was hard to see and occasionally cold flakes would go right in my eyes. Then the snow turned wet and I really struggled with the last km before the turnaround. It does get tiresome to deal with the constant snow in the eyes for that long. I finally reached the turn around and enjoyed the next 3Km of wet snow. Then as I approached the 4Km left to go mark, I went through about 800 metres of rain and/or very wet snow and by this point the precipitation is coming in more from the side. Great. For the last 3 km the wet snow turned back into needle-like freezing rain and was coming in at such an angle that it was hitting my face again. I struggled again with the last km or so. The path I run is marked every 200 metres and sometimes that can be a bad thing, it can be hard to count down to the end of a run when you are starting the find it difficult. When I finished, every bit of clothing that I was wearing was soaked. If the temperature was a little lower I could see this being a dangerous problem.

Not only was the distance a first, this was my first time wearing a water bottle belt and I filled it with watered down gaterade. I think I should have drank a little more because I had lots left at the end of the run. I really felt an effect from the fluid and felt it boost my energy a little. Also it was the first time I wore my heart rate monitor for a long run. That was a little weird, at times it seemed so low, like 84 beats per minute and then other times while I could easily talk (or sing) I was apparently have 200+ beats per minute. That's a little worrisome since it's over my MAX heartrate. I must investigate this further.

But overall I felt pretty thrilled by the accomplishment! I wasn't cold, my legs felt fine, I enjoyed the run! I'm a little stiff still today but I hope to keep stretching all day today and be in good shape for tomorrow's tempo run.


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