Saturday, October 16, 2010

Times Square

We arrived at Times Square just 3 hours after we had arrived in Manhatten. We were still fairly disoriented so we didn't get many photos and the ones we took were a blur of lights. We did eat at the Hard Rock like good little tourists and this is where we found out that in New York (all of the states?) most menus come with calorie counts for each meal. WHAT?! Well that ruined the 3 cheese burger with bacon and fries for a whopping 2600 calories.... well sort of, we shared a classic burger and a cobb salad and still ingested about 1300 calories each plus beers.

Before dinner

Crazy lights!

Then we went into the enormous 3 floor Toys R Us where Dylan thought it was an invitation to load up the stroller with every car, truck and train he saw. Then we found T-Rex!

It moves and growls and was SCARY!
Back on the streets there was a giant Elmo who is kind of like a street performer but he just stands there and poses for photos. He has a note on his hand that says he makes money through donations. Dylan was not sure of the giant Elmo.
Still keeping a close eye on that giant Elmo to our left.
We kept Dylan up until 9:30 that night, he slept until 8:10! AWESOME!


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