Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ten Months!

Weight and height are a mystery!

I keep thinking that I should stop being so surprised that another month has gone by but I guess that when he's 15 years old I won't be exclaiming "oh my baby is 180 months old!". I am just going to enjoy the thrill and excitement that each month brings us for as long as I can. Month 10 came with lots of activity. Dylan is walking. Not just taking a few steps here and there but strolling around the house and just 2 days into month 11 he started standing up without holding onto anything. He picks up these things so quickly that he may be riding a bike by the end of the summer. Seriously.

Dylan likes to have something in his hand at all times and sometimes the same object can stay there for 2 hours or more. He holds onto things for so long that I start thinking that he has found something he's really grown attached to and will probably carry around until his 3rd birthday. Until it is put down for a few moments and then trying to hand it back brings out the rage. And the velociraptor scream. Thanks.
We haven't had as much babbling as I expected but he has added MA MA MA MA MA MA MA MAAAAAA to what he can babble. This is causing Jay some distress and he'll spend time interupting an enthusiastic string of MA MA MA's to holler DA DA DA DA DA DA DAAADDDD. Dylan usually responds with an even louder MA MA MA MA MA MMMMMM. I'm glad that Dylan has decided to say MAMA first, he obviously realizes that MAMA is the one who subletted her uterus for nine months and then had the milk fountains turned on for another 9 months. Priorities!
Dylan turned 10 months old during the Victoria day weekend, and we kept with tradition and took him to the cottage. It was a treat for all of us because Dylan just loved seeing so many different people for such a long period. Jay and I loved that we got to sit still for more than 30 seconds while Dylan's aunties ran around after him AND Great Aunt Janice got up at 6:00 on Monday morning to take care of him while we both slept until 9:00am. So lovely.
PS. Looks like we have another person to compete for the Sky Chair at the cottage.


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