Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Nine Months!

Weight is about 18 pounds. Shoe size is 3. A woman in Costco asked a barefoot Dylan if his parents couldn't afford shoes and socks. After rolling my eyes so high I caught a glimpse of my frontal lobe I went out and bought some shoes, thus we have determined he takes a 3.

This is the usual chaos that is taking the monthly Eeyore shot:

I bet you all thought I just sat him down and snapped that cuteness every month... well up until about month 6 or 7 that was exactly what I did. But I am now the mother of spawn-that-must-always-be-standing. Holy crap, we've been parents for 3/4 of a year. This month has been a busy one. We left for California just after Dylan turned 8 months and stayed for about 2 weeks. While we were in California I really hoped that Dylan would not accomplish some amazing milestone like walking or reciting his a-b-c's without his Daddy. He didn't start talking or walking but he did continue to provide us with much entertainment. His inquisitive ways are a fascinating thing and I feel privileged to watch him grow each day. While we were away he did learn how to open cupboards and drawers and also how to pinch his fingers. He learned how to climb steps (two of them!) and he cut 2 top teeth!
Spending 2 weeks with Kerri, Chris and Scout was really fantastic. Scout is a precious little beauty. Dylan was very curious about her but mostly curious about her hair.Matching jammies! Kerri is brilliant for thinking of getting these jammies for this photo op.
We took him to the beach for the first time. It wasn't really his first time, we did take him to the Southampton beach at 6 weeks old in the bjorn where he puked, pooped (explosive) and caused my boobs to let down immediately before drifting off into a deep sleep. I took him out of the Bjorn and he had one of the most peaceful sleeps on the beach while I wrapped a towel around myself and returned to the cottage for a full outfit change. His visit to the California beach was a much larger success. The feel of warm sand was foreign and thrilling for Dylan. Check out video of him here:

The best part about Dylan is his disposition. Unless he has a reason, like being overly tired or hungry, he has never been in a foul mood. He shares a million smiles a day and he shares them with anyone who will glance his way. He jumps up and down when you greet him in the morning and he laughs hysterically at the slightest thing.

He is always up for a challenge:

Oh and have I made it this far without bringing up sleep? Yep, that's right, there's nothing to complain,whine or moan about. That boy sleeps 9-10 hours per night and 2 x 2 hour naps in the day. He's doing so much sleeping that sometimes I miss him and feel the urge to go in and kick the crib to see if he'll get up and play with me.


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