Saturday, August 14, 2010

Pony Ride!

On our vacation we made our way to the farmer's market mainly for the pony ride. Horse sounds was Dylan's first animal noise and he has a rocking horse in his room so I really thought he would be thrilled to see the ponies. Besides, he rode these ponies last year, he should remember right? Can you see where this is going?

Well we walked up to the ponies and one of them makes his pppffffftttt sound, the exact sound that Dylan can make, and Dylan jumps so high he nearly tears open the straps on his stroller. The horse does it again and Dylan jumps out of skin. All the while I'm saying "Horse Dylan, that is a hhooorrrrssssee, you like horses." And then Dylan's lower lip starts to quiver. It's not something we see too often because he isn't scared by much but then he's fully wailing. So we get him out of the stroller and I figure that's the end of the pony ride but SuperDaddy comes to rescue. Behold, our son who was screaming and crying just 3 minutes before these photos were taken pets a horse and then rode it for the duration of the ride:

I didn't say he smiled though!

Little Scout also had a ride on the pony. Scout happily got on the pony at first but quickly decided that this smelly, hairy, bumpy animal was just not for her delicateness and demanded removal. She did not stay on for the duration of the ride but boy is she cute.


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