Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Buffalo Hangover

Dylan is still hungover from our shopping bender to Buffalo. He's had all the excitement a little 3.5 month old with 5 women to respond to his every need, laugh at all his noises, coo at every smile and kissing those cheeks raw can take (except when there is an exceptional shoe sale, then you're on your own kid). We left Buffalo at noon on Tuesday and Dylan fell asleep in the car, got home around 1:20 and he continued to sleep until 4:15pm. He got up, had a nap with Dad around 6:15pm and then hit the hay at 8:30. That is some serious sleeping, baby. Heading to Buffalo with the girls was fun and pushed both Dylan and I into a few new situations for both of us. For me, I nursed in public for the first time, and the second time. Not surprising that no one even gawked, no one stared and no one gave me dirty looks. Whew. For Dylan, he practiced falling and staying asleep in a room filled with noise, he managed to nap in a mall and he spent a lot of downtime in the carseat, which is not somewhere he's spent a lot of time awake.

It's good to be home. We both missed Jay and Dylan showed it with the bubbly smiles when his Dad got home from work on Tuesday. I really missed Jay, he's been my rock for the last few months. Every afternoon when I'm tired and feeling like running away then Jay comes home, gives us both hugs and listens to every boring detail of our day - "Yes, he did poop 3 times today and he smiled 6 times and there was that moment he looked like he was going to roll over but then he didn't". Jay then takes the baby and bathes him and plays with him while I either sit and stare or get the shower I never found the time for all day.


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