Tuesday, October 21, 2008

3 months

Wow, 3 months has flown by and what do we have to show for it? Well, a twelve pound baby that slept for 9 hours in a row last night and the night before! We can't get too excited though, he slept for 8.5 hours twice in a row and then regressed back to sleeping only 4 hour stretches at night. There are 2 things I completely underestimated pre-baby; the first is the amount of time you spend trying to get your baby to sleep and the second is the amount of bodily fluids that the baby will expel onto my body on a daily basis. I have a list of other observations:

Stuff. Babies require a lot of stuff. We have 2 swings, bouncy chair, play mat, bumbo, playpen and a bassinet and none of them are located in Dylan's room.

Smiles. A gummy baby smile can really make your day.

Poop. Diapers must be changed immediately or else diaper failure may occur.

Baths. Dylan loves them and we love giving them. Jay gives all the baths except for the occasional one where he can't. It's a very intimate time for Daddy and Baby.

Breastfeeding. I've survived 3 months and I'm feeling like a pro. I'm so glad I stuck with it. I feel a great sense of accomplishment knowing I've provided enough nourishment for Dylan to gain 6 pounds.

Standing. This kid has no idea why he should stand but he loves it. He could be wailing and the instant you stand him up he starts to laugh.

Running. It has been very hard to get a good running schedule going. I go out when the opportunity arises and I've gone out with Dylan, the stroller and the dog but I'm always more exhausted. We need to work on this but in the meantime the long walks are good.
Post-baby body. Ick.
Baby brain. Still got it.

Grandmas. Dylan's Gran will listen to the minute by minute details of every moment of our day and never sound like she's bored.

Daytime television. Did you know that Ellen dances with her audience on every episode? That rocks. Did you also know that Regis is 70-something?


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