Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Seven Months!

Weight: 16 pounds 6 ounces
Length: 27 inches
Well this has been the most exciting month as far as development goes. Dylan is sitting without help and he no longer falls over and smashes into the ground. He finally has the needed muscle control so that when he does forget that he's the one responsible for his own uprightedness then he can can control the fall and prevent his head from crashing into the ground like an egg in a frying pan.

Then there is the crawling, or rather the kneeling and the rocking and the perfect downward dog pose. He hasn't yet moved his hands and become mobile but he's close. He does scootch both legs up underneath him and lay himself back down which moves him forward to whatever deathtrap he's aimed at reaching. His favourite toys have not been the teethers or the squeaky little plush toys or even the super noisy rattles and music playing contraptions. No, Dylan is his fathers son and will only be happy when he gets his hand on electrical wires, steak knives and boiling liquids. For this reason, this month we have discovered the tantrum in him. Dylan has a lot to say about the injustice of his parents saving his life for like the millionth time. When that little boy's face goes all red and he unleashes the velociraptor scream, heck I'm tempted to just give in to his desire to eat the philodendron, play with forks and practice rolling off the change table.

Dylan's diet has gone from 6 meals of tasteless milk per day to tasteless milk, tasteless rice cereal and completely unseasoned liquid vegetables and fruits. Yum. I love the look of surprise every time he starts to eat, like what is this flavour today? Oh ya, it's green beans. We had green beans on Saturday, now I remember. Dylan watches every bite of food we take into our mouths and opens his in anticipation. It's very cute and we often let him gum whatever we are having. His favourite baby food so far has been pears and prunes. His favourite Mommy and Daddy food has been pork tenderloin. His least favourite was broccoli.

Month seven came with an awesome surprise, about 5-6 weeks ago Dylan just started sleeping through the night. Every night. For TEN! HOURS! Then as the seventh month was coming to an end, he woke up. At 2:20am. And for the the last 4 nights of the month he was up at some point. It seems as though he's not really hungry, he has a little snack but is then eager to get going somewhere. Where? Well down to the floor, silly, he wants to get working on that crawling. I'm not even joking when I say that the baby has woken up and whined and squirmed and twisted until I've given up and placed him onto the floor, where he smiles and gets into position on all fours and begins the routine of rocking forward and back and lifting up and down. ~Sigh~ We nearly made it one month of sleep perfection.


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